Social Media at Top Hospitals

Dave Ekrem and I started the Hospital Social Network project with two goals in mind:

1. Create a list of all U.S. hospitals with a presence on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter

2. Benchmark this activity for comparison purposes at a later date.  How many hospitals are involved, and what percent of top hospitals participate?

To determine the percentage of top hospitals, we used the 2008 U.S. News and World Report list as a guide.  After sorting and combining the different categories we had 210 individual hospitals to research. Some health care professionals would disagree with this choice, but we felt it was good starting point.

Here are the numbers as of January 19, 2009, out of 210 U.S. News Hospitals:

  • 59 (28%) are on YouTube
  • 47 (22%) are on FaceBook
  • 24 (11%) are on Twitter

more to come…

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3 Responses to Social Media at Top Hospitals

  1. Jason says:

    Very interesting research – I am surprised that the number of YouTube users is still so low. Did you run any comparison to see how many of the remaining 151 make use of some other video/media delivery system? Did all of the 210 share media through their website?

    • Ed Bennett says:

      Jason – I didn’t check if hospitals not using YouTube hosted their own videos, but it would interesting to know. My goal is monitor use of Social Media by hospitals. – Are they willing to try some new, something not quite in their control? Still, at 28%, YouTube was the the most popular of the three services checked, and in the full list it’s the most used by a wide margin.

  2. Great list Ed. Thanks for sharing!

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