Dartmouth-Hitchcock Social Media Tips for Employees

I like this employee training video from Dartmouth-Hitchcock – it’s just the right mix of humor and message.

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6 Responses to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Social Media Tips for Employees

  1. Oh if only more of our social media training vids were like this more often. This is a smart AND delightful way to make the point.

  2. Terrific find, so glad you shared this.

  3. Luca Gastaldi says:

    I’m a medical physicist and I work in a hospital in Italy. Here the problem just doesn’t exist: they make proxy cut everything concerning with social network. They think that if it is social, it is necessarly a game. No space for discussion. Sometimes I think to live in another world… 🙁

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  6. Greg Baker says:

    That is hilarious! I had never thought about it that way
    Internet Marketing

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