About Ed Bennett

Until recently, I managed web operations at the University of Maryland Medical System. Now I’ve moved into consultancy. I’ve worn many hats – programmer, designer, consultant, information architect, start-up participant, etc., but my current focus is on Physician Transparency.

I’m active in #HCSM (Health Care Social Media Community) and do occasional speaking and consulting engagements.

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  1. Jen Stephens says:

    I am so glad to have found your blog! I work with hospitals and surgery centers all of the country and have been trying to find a more efficient way to communicate with them. Thanks to your site we have made lots of great connections. I love what is happening in healthcare IT.
    Feel free to Tweet me anytime http:www.twitter.com/GraftFinder

  2. Ed,
    I tip my hat to you! The information found here is not only useful but it is also presented a clear, concise manner that one can make informed descisions

    Great information visualization.

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  4. Emily says:

    I was informed of your site through twitter and I wanted to inform you of my new website. I am going to be a first year medical student and through my own struggles of getting into medical school I realized that it can be quite difficult finding physicians willing to let you shadow them (which is required for entry to med school). Because of this I created a site to help connect pre-meds with doctors who are willing to let the students shadow them. I am looking for a way to get in touch with as many doctors as I can to spread the word. As of course this site will not work without them. I was told that your site might be a good way to do this. I would really like to talk with you about it. Please email me back when you get the chance! Thanks for your time!

    I am also on twitter Emily

  5. Bill Kennedy says:


    I am interested in how you propagated the list. We currently use Flickr and YouTube and next is Facebook.


    Bill Kennedy
    Marketing Director
    Jamestown Hospital

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  9. Kim says:


    Do you know of a resource that reviews the design, usability and functionality of hospital websites? Or a site that showcases best-in-class health system websites? For my interactive agency, I have done many usability evaluations on just about every health system or hospital website I could find since 2004. From time to time, I revisit the list and I’m constantly amazed that most sites are still the same. Kind regards, Kim

  10. Mike says:

    Mr. Bennett,

    Your blog contains a lot of great information. As a fellow marketing professional in the healthcare field, I am currently dealing with several issues related to social media.


  11. Your information is very helpful. Our system, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center (Greenville, SC) has been testing/using social media for roughly six months or more -Twitter, Facebook and a poorly managed YouTube acct. We recenlty tweeted our first pediatric chochlear implant w/retreats from local CBS affiliate; we posted on FB and intergrated into our Web site. The local CBS affiliate news anchor also integrated her Twitter page with her blog. Loved to be added to the list of health care systems using social media.

    Sally Foister
    Director, Marketing Services
    Greenville Hosptial System University Medical Center
    Greenville, SC

  12. What is the org structure of your dept at UMMC? How many FTEs? What roles? Reporting structure? Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.


  13. Hi Ed,

    Haven’t talked in a long while. I’ll be including your list as a resource in the HT Klatzky blog’s weekly roundup for January 15. But I’m really writing because I don’t think I’ve ever told how much I love the photos on your site. They delight me. Are you the photographer?

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  15. Marisa Wilson says:

    I am very happy to have found your blog. I am across the street at SON in Informatics. Would love to chat.

  16. Jeanette says:

    Haven’t seen any dog pictures yet.

  17. Jlarranaga says:


    This site is a great resource. I also find your hospital photography very compelling. It reminds me of fast changes in healthcare and seems to illustrate how the old way of doing things (institutional health) is going away. Kudos to you!

  18. Darrin Hayes says:

    Great resources, thanks. I’m wondering if you know of data related to how health care organizations are leveraging social media internally with their Associates, i.e. workers using social media at work for work related uses.

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  21. Ed,

    I learned of you from this article at http://www.ability4life.com/2010/09/ed-bennett-hospitals-social-media-and-me/

    As a social-media director for a regenerative medicine company, I just want to say thanks for being a social media catalyst and a change agent for people like me that can point to social media & healthcare leaders, like yourself, as to how we can responsibly integrate healthcare with the channel of social media.

    Best Regards,

    Matthew Ray Scott

  22. Ann Fuller says:

    Hi Ed. This is amazing work! Do you happen to know of anyone who has been doing something similar in Canada?


  23. Hi Ed,

    I met you briefly at the Ragan conference in Jacksonville. I was one of probably many who thanked you for all your work in researching our industry and sharing your data with us.

    We have recently started a Facebook page. There is some debate whether it is necessary to have media release forms signed by any staff person who has a photo published on Facebook or other sites. I believe that if it is posted by a third party and not a Unity representative, then there is no issue for us. However, we are not sure what to do if someone from our Communications Department takes the photo and uploads it. Does that require signed consent?

    Thanks so much!
    Patty Corvaia
    Public Relations Manager
    Unity Health System- Rochester, NY

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  28. Kimi says:

    Hi, Ed! Your Web site produces very helpful and timely information. I learnd about you through my boss @nealgorman since we’re looking for ways to enhance social media at hospitals. I’m a social media enthusiast and interested in the healthcare PR field and I’m glad to stumble upon your blog. I’ve already subscribed and look forward to learning many insightful things. Best!

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  30. Nicole says:

    Hey, I just got a tip about your site from the AARP’s tweets! Love your idea here! Keep it up!

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  32. Hi Ed!  I follow everything you do and I have learned a lot!  I am giving a Social Media presentation at the Tri State MGMA meeting in August (NC, SC, GA).  I was wondering if there are any articles or other information that you really like that would help me in developing my notes?

    Elizabeth Yarbrough

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