Meet Virna Elly, Patient Advocate

I’d like to introduce you to Virna Elly – a transplant patient, diabetic and passionate patient advocate. I met her last week and was impressed with her background, knowledge and communication skills.

 Virna has applied for a scholarship to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit. If you have a moment, read her essay and give it a “I like This” or leave a comment (free registration required.) 

Here is her speech at the 10’th National Donor Recognition Ceremony:

From her blog Patients’ Perspective:

I have lived with type 1 diabetes for 31 years and chronic kidney disease, including dialysis and a successful kidney-pancreas transplant during the last 11.

I am committed through my work as a patient advocate (professionally in the past, now as a volunteer) to educate and inspire those with diabetes and kidney disease to leverage every available resource to create a healthier and more meaningful life.  I rely on my personal experience and professional background to create and deliver presentations that provide patients, caretakers and healthcare providers with useful ideas and strategies for improving communications, understanding and, ultimately, patient health.

I have lobbied on Capitol Hill, participated in coalitions such as Kidney Care Partners, delivered speeches and presentations  for groups such as Amgen Pharmaceuticals, the Washington Regional Transplant Community,Toastmasters International, the American Kidney Fund and the Department of Health and Human Services.

You can follow Virna on Twitter at @nograpefruit



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