Consumer Expectations for Healthcare Social Media

Price Waterhouse Coopers has a new research document called – Social media “likes” healthcare, From marketing to social business.
(PwC download page)

It’s based on:

The results are interesting:

  • One third of consumers now use social media sites for health-related activities
  • 40% of consumers have sought out reviews of treatments, physicians, and other patient experiences
  • 45% of consumers say information from Social Media sources would affect their decisions
  • 73% would welcome social media based tools like make an appointment, or ask a question – but expect a quick response
  • 54% are comfortable with their doctors using online physician communities for advice related to their health situation
  • Consumers are significantly more likely to trust social media  information from their doctors or hospital, less likely to trust insurers or drug companies

I’d like to see the actual survey questions before passing judgement, but it appears consumers are getting comfortable with Healthcare Social Media.

(but you already knew that)


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6 Responses to Consumer Expectations for Healthcare Social Media

  1. Jason Mulholland says:

    Very interesting Ed… but we already knew that ;).  In all seriousness, this is good to see.  Healthcare is slow to adopt.  Maybe info like this will pull some more heads out of the sand.  

  2. Thanks for these great stats, Ed. Still only about 20% of hospitals using social, so hopefully more will come around based on these numbers. Always appreciate your insight. Hope you’re well!

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  4. Gage S says:

    As a researcher I requested the survey with no response in 3 weeks. I’m also waiting to see exactly who and where these consumers are from and a more detailed methods section. It is interesting, but isn’t a peer reviewed manuscript….

    • Serena Foong says:

      Hi Gage S,
      Sorry if we missed your earlier request for information. I’m from PwC’s Health Research Institute and am happy to discuss our survey results that we published in the report. The 1060 consumers we surveyed represent a balance of the US demographics in terms of the following factors: age, sex, income, uninsured/insured, rural/urban. Please feel free to email me directly at to discuss further. Thank to discuss further. Thank you.

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