Presentation – Hospital Social Media Best Practices

I attended the J. Boye conference last week, and participated in the eHealth track. My presentation covered three areas:

1. How I explain Social Media to my colleagues at the Hospital

2. Our experiences with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

3. The best practices at other hospitals.

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19 Responses to Presentation – Hospital Social Media Best Practices

  1. Roy says:

    Great presentation, Ed. Explains the “why would we want to do this” very well.

  2. Ed Bennett says:

    Roy – thanks!
    Please feel free to share it with the folks at BWMC. By the way, do you ever get up to the Medical Center?

  3. Mary Ann Geier says:

    Hello Ed, Thanks much for sharing your presentation, and thanks so much for undertaking your study. I’ve learned so much from your work. May I share it with some of the folks at Einstein in Philly?

    It’s particularly interesting to see the rapid growth in hospital participation. Regarding slide 6, in which you list 5 ways a hospital can use social media, I might even consider a few additional ones, if you haven’t already included them in your list: Brand and reputation monitoring, Professional development via networking, and Brand ambassadorship by employees.

    • Ed Bennett says:

      Mary Ann,

      Yes – please share the presentation with others, I’m looking for feedback and other best practices. The suggestions you make are excellent, do you have some examples?


  4. Deb B says:

    Hi Ed,

    Just watched your powerpoint presentation – thanks so much for sharing . . .

    Quick question for you – have you come across any examples of healthcare organizations doing a good job of using social media outlets for patient education? We are getting asks about this and I know that it can be done, but I’d like to steer folks towards best practices if at all possible.

    Thanks again for all you do to keep us informed.

  5. Brandon says:

    Hello Deb,

    Our pediatric practice has started to use Twitter as a means to educate our patients, mostly with preventive wellness issues. I don’t know if it would be considered “best practice.” Nonetheless, a practical example of how a private practice is embracing social media. You can check us out here:

    Ed, I hope you don’t mind me plugging our practice’s twitter page.

    (aka @pediatricinc)

  6. Brandon says:


    I found your presentation to be excellent and right on point. The way you position social media as a tool, an extension and a conversation I believe does the best job of setting expectations in terms of what a health care organization can do to leverage Web 2.0 tools.

    I confess I generally tend to disagree with many Tweeps on how social media may be a game changer in health care. I believe it has value, don’t get me wrong; but I don’t see it being as big of a game changer as some believe it can be. Particularly in the private practice sector of health care. Perhaps it has to do with how each defines “game changer.”

    However, I think your presentation does a better job of putting into perspective how health care organizations can use these tools.

    Thanks for sharing

    (aka @pediatricinc )

    • Ed Bennett says:

      Brandon – you are correct. Social Media is (or will) be an important tool, but it’s not going to replace everything. My concern is that fear and uncertainty will keep most hospitals from even trying. That will keep them out of the conversations and the chance to connect with their customers.

  7. Great presentation! Thanks for sharing. Your work in increasing awareness about the importance of social media in healthcare is excellent – and appreciated by many. Thanks for being such a solid, ongoing resource for all of us.

  8. All is going very well. Your blog clearly gains great visibility to this issue and the organizations you feature as we have been fielding numerous speaking requests on behalf of Innovis. Thank you and take care!

  9. frank says:


    After meeting you through Deborah from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles I ran across your blog. This post / presentation has been HUGE as I’m getting ready to speak about social media/networking at AHP Canada. I’ve got the social media/networking part, but your pres. has really helped me fill in gaps about Hospitals specific use, examples and practical application. Very good stuff and, if you don’t mind, i’ll be shamelessly lifting some of your stuff – With proper credit given back to you of course.

  10. Jayakanth Dornadula says:

    Hi Ed,

    Great Work. Really appreciated.
    I would certainly quote your info in my Health 2.0 related works.
    Will keep you posted.


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  12. Hi Ed,

    I’m currently preparing some work for my organization on social media – starting with a general overview of what social media is. With your permission, I’d like to use your “bunch of Web sites with very silly names” image…it says so much all by itself, and helps ease the tension among folks who are skeptical about new tools. I’d only use with appropriate attribution, of course.

    (also, I liberally quote your work – again, only with attribution – in other work within our organization. This site is a tremendous resource, especially for someone trying to act as social media evangelist to a skeptical group of would-be converts. Thanks for your great work.)

    Paul Anderson

  13. tony says:

    Ed, great stuff! Your name seems to comes up in hallway conversations more and more! Keep up the good work.

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