Podcast Interviews

Here are Podcasts where I’m interviewed about Hospitals and how they can use Social Media.

October 16, 2009
Interview on Blog Talk Radio. The show is User Friendly Thinking and it’s hosted by John Munsell and  Paul Chaney of Bizzuka.

Play: Healthcare & Social Media, an Interview with Ed Bennett 52:54

We cover a wide range of topics:

  • The current state of Social Media use by Hospitals
  • Background on the UMMC iPhone app
  • The rise of the ePatient
  • Mitigating risk with employee education and guidelines
  • Physician rating systems
  • Hospital websites and search engines
  • Some best practices

May 14, 2009
Play:  Ed Bennett and Social Media for Hospitals Time 5:24

A short discussion with Amanda Koehler from ADVANCE magazine. I met Amanda at HealthCamp Philadelphia, and she was kind enough to call me a week later.
Link to Original Advance post

April 1, 2009
Play:  A Good Samaritan for Healthcare and Social Media Time 30:08

This is a long,  in-depth conversation with Albert Maruggi, part of his Marketing Edge podcast series.

Albert is a real pro, and his background in radio comes through in the quality of his podcasts. He knows how to conduct an interview, putting his subjects at ease and creating good conversations. I enjoyed the whole process. We talked over a wide range of issues.
Link to Original Marketing Edge post

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