FAQ on Physician Transparency

Frequently Asked Questions about Physician Transparency and this List

Back in 2009, I created the Hospital Social Network List. A resource to encourage hospital adoption of Social Media, it started with 150 hospitals and grew to over 1500, with links to over 5000 social media sites. The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media now owns and manages the list.

The Physician Transparency List has the same goal – encouraging hospitals to publish patient comments and ratings for each physician in their organization. I expect to see the same rapid growth we saw with social media.

What qualifies as a Physician Transparent Hospital Site?
Any hospital that publically publishes patient comments and star ratings for individual physicians. This information must be clearly visible on physician profiles, and sourced from an independent, verifiable survey like CAHPS.

The name “Physician Transparency” is clunky, why do you use it?
The term came into common usage by vendors and Hospitals, so I’m staying with it. I’d like to see a better description take hold.

What are the benefits to hospitals and physicians?
There are numerous benefits. Here are the two big ones:
1. Credibility – seeing reviews from actual patients sends a message of openness and transparency to potential patients. It’s feedback from people like them and has more influence than the usual chest pounding found on most hospital sites.
2. Visibility and New Patients – Google and other search engines love this kind of data. Physician profiles with star ratings rocket to the top of search results. Transparent hospitals have seen a 100% to 400% increase in profile traffic and a similar growth in appointment requests.

What about Healthgrades, Vitals, and other physician rating sites?
These sites can’t compete with Physician Transparency. The number of reviews they gather is a small fraction of the data hospitals have from CAHPS – and they can’t verify that real patients provide their reviews. Expect to see these sites decline as physician transparency takes hold.

But what if our doctors get a bad reviews?
Great! You want that feedback; it makes positive reviews credible. There’s nothing worse than 100% perfect scores. Consider the current physician profile ratings on this list. Only a small fraction are negative, which only validates the positive feedback.

My hospital isn’t on the list! How do we get added?
If your site has physician ratings, then send an email to ebennett@gmail.com with a link to a sample profile. Also, tell me the date you went live.

If you want to be on the coming soon list, just send your hospital name and expected go-live date.

I’m a vendor, and you didn’t include me!
No problem. Email your info to ebennett@gmail.org with a link to your services.