10 thoughts on “My current presentation on Hospitals & Social Media

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  5. Ed,
    Look I have a real photo since the last time we connected on your Blog. 

     I’m doing optional homework for our #HCSMANZ group in a few hours. 
    Our Topic What sort of engagement would you like to see from a hospital in the social media space #HCSMANZ?Source: Ramsay Health Care @ramsayheal:disqus Sydney Australia. http://hcsmanz.posterous.com/marketing-to-patients-topic-7th-august

    You are going to be my first resource I”m going to contribute. Would it not be grand if they sent a jet for you to help do a consulting Gig? Maybe you could bring along a little “practical wisdom” for the Ride?
    Alas a little wishful thinking never hurt anyone right?

    Thank you for sharing your your current presentation on Hospitals and Social Media. I’ve got a potential client who is asking those hard to answer those ROI questions. The way you tackled this concern is fair and balanced. Thanks for giving the answer to the test in real life. 

    You remain one of the most trusted and transparent gentleman in our community. 



    • Lisa,

      Sounds like an interesting discussion. I’m always available for a trip down under :) Good luck with the session.

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