A New Home for the Hospital Social Network List

On July 21, I announced my decision to archive the Hospital Social Network List (HSNL), asking readers to provide information for a final update in August.  Today, I’m delighted to announce that HSNL will in fact continue with a new name and a new home.  It’s moving forward under the auspices of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (MCCSM), and will be part of a larger Health Care Social Media List (HCSML)

How did this happen?  The short answer is, of course, “social media.”

Social media has provided new and very real connections. Social media is how those of us committed to using these platforms in the service of health and health care have met and learned from one another over the past four years.

By the time my first version of HSNL went live in January 2010, the #hcsm chat founded by Dana M. Lewis had been attracting participants for a year.  Other health care chats would soon emerge to meet needs specific constituencies within our industry (e.g., Phil Baumann’s #RNchat).  Beginning in 2008, Twitterati were meeting one another IRL (In Real Life) at Mark Scrimshire’s HealthCa.mp un-conferences.

Healthcare social media received a major legitimizing boost when the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media was launched in July 2010. This has been especially true for its use by hospitals, organizations that have historically been resistant to innovation.

It’s now 2012 and the environment for health care social media is much more hospitable. Today’s senior management understand that social media platforms are essential tools for communication among and between providers, patients, and caregivers.  As a result, the number of hospitals using at least one social media platform has increased significantly – so has data management for HSNL.

My decision to move the location and maintenance of HSNL to MCCSM was a no brainer. Click here for a post by MCCSM Director, Lee Aase, about future plans. Highlights include providing online tools that will transform it from a static list to one with greater functionality for users and visitors alike.

Again, I’m delighted to migrate my manual labor of love to an organization I respect with a leadership team of friends as well colleagues.

As for my plans, I’m focusing on what I view as the next challenge that’s already here for the health care industry: opening access to social media tools, especially as hospitals shift to becoming accountable care organizations. Plan to read more here about Open Access Task Force in the coming weeks.

Is your hospital already on the HCSML? Click here to update your information via MCCSM.



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5 Responses to A New Home for the Hospital Social Network List

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  2. Jane Sherwin says:

    Ed, congratulations. An excellent outcome for all your work. I’ll post on my monthly newsletter.

    Jane Sherwin, WordDrive

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  4. Debbie Donovan says:

    Ole Ed. I admire your willingness to ask for help, the expansion of your original idea will be limitless.

  5. Jane Morai says:

    Congrats on the migration. I think it will help everything run a lot smoother for you. I only hope I can do the same thing in the near future. I know it can be hard to hand it over to someone else but sometimes it’s for the best and will help you focus on other important tasks.

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